News:The launch of the «safe streets» short movie against sexual harassment in the streets

Safe Streets Campaign for anti-Sexual harassment in the streets launches the opening ceremony of broadcasting a short movie called "Safe Streets" that is done as an activity for the campaign aims to reduce the rate of sexual harassment in the Yemeni streets.

The campaign aims to monitor cases of harassment and encourage community and women in particular to break the silence, and talk about what is happening to them on the streets in order to put pressure on decision makers to declare solutions of this serious social problem.

The Media officer in the campaign, Mrs. Manal Al-Hamadi states that the short movie aims to present the problem of sexual harassment, that many Yemeni women are facing it in their daily life in the streets, and how the harasser of the woman can be a victim of harassment in the street too, so then he can understand how women feel. 

To View the short movie

For more info. about  Sexual harassment in Yemen, please see this

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