Safe Streets campaign launches the first Hotline to report sexual harassment

"Safe Streets” campaign, Anti-Streets Harassment in Yemen launches on the 7th April 2013 their Hotline to receive reports on sexual harassment in the streets, in accordance with the International Anti Street Harassment Week 7th– 13th April, 2013

Safe Streets” campaign launched on 16 August 2011 under the management of Kefaia Initiative and in partnership with the Development House, the campaign is working to highlight the issue of sexual harassment in the streets and break the silence about the issue of sexual harassment which affects the life of 98.9% Yemeni women, especially in the capital, Sana’a.

The aim of the Hotline, which launched by "Safe Streets Campaign" to monitor and document the crimes of sexual harassment on the electronic map of the campaign to deliver the suffering of those who were subjected to sexual harassment to the public opinion and put pressure on the decision-makers to implement a mechanism to reduce the phenomenon of sexual harassment in the streets of Yemen. The victim can report by sending SMS to the following number 772150052 and explaining the location where it happened.

The Hotline launched by “Safe Streets” is one of several activities carried out by the campaign since the start of its activities, including the launch of the film "Safe Streets", an exhibition of art present the problem of sexual harassment through paintings by a number of Yemeni artists and the publication of the book “Happen in the Street”.

"Safe Streets" seeks to break the silence that accompanies harassment and sexual assaults against women in the streets through providing platforms in their blog to women and men alike, where they can express their suffering with sexual harassment, and talk about what they are exposed to in the streets of Yemen. As well, the blog allows anyone to write an article or a story about their personal experience with harassment, and post it to the blog.

Ghaidaa Alabsi
Director of Safe Streets Campaign

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