Safe Streets Campaign to fight Sexual Harassment in Streets 2011-2013

The Safe Streets Campaign was launched in 16th of August 2011, to highlight sexual harassment in the streets and break the silence in talking about this issue that 98.9% Yemeni women suffer from especially in the capital Sana’a. The campaign aims to break the silence of men and women through providing the needed platform to share their experiences, and look for solutions. The project was implemented in partnership with Development House and Funded by Tactical Technology Collective
Art Exhibition for young artists presenting through their paintings the sexual harassment that Yemeni women suffer from in the streets
 Production of a short film presents the issue from the point of “as you condemns you condemned”, the film talk about a young man harass a girl in the street then when he go home sleeps and have a nightmare about him being harassed by other young men and then he wake up scared and realize the feeling of women when they are harassed
 Electronic map to report sexual harassment cases, this map considers the first map of its kind and the target is to observe actual sexual harassment cases

Publishing a book called “Happening in the street’’ which documented a collection of real stories of women face sexual harassment in the streets
 One of the main partners in the sexual harassment week 18 – 24 March 2012 and there was over 70 campaign from 21 countries participated in this event, link to the event
Establishing a Safe Streets blog to write about sexual harassment and to be a free platform to anybody want to write about sexual harassment or publish a story about some people experienced sexual harassment in streets

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